CCTV Systems

Secureit Ireland has a particular expertise in the installation of CCTV systems incorporating the most up to date technology, including wireless and IP video surveillance solutions.

CCTV is particularly useful for surveillance in areas that need monitoring such as banks, airports, retail stores, garages, general commercial premises and in high value areas such as the bloodstock industry. It also has a particular value today in vehicle registration number recognition techonology. The value of CCTV is also further enhanced once it is connected  to a 24 hours a day/365 days a year monitoring service.

An example of a very sucessful CCTV solution provided  by Secureit Ireland for the bloodstock industry was at Fethard Surgical Ltd in Tipperary. This company operates the Fethard Equine Hospital.

Mr. J. Halley of that company explains that "Fethard Equine Hospital is a specially designed facility which treats and operates on thoroughbred and sport horses. The hospital provides 24 hour cover with several vets and veterinary nurses on site to ensure the best possible care. Since employing SecureIt Ireland to install its CCTV cameras in our hospital and on the perimeter they have added greatly to the efficiency and running of the hospital. In addition to monitoring the yard areas for all incoming and outgoing traffic, the cameras are used to monitor patients following surgeries when they are placed in recovery rooms and when recovering in their stables.

The fact that the camera system can be accessed remotely allows staff to monitor patients when off site is also greatly beneficial. We have found SecureIt Ireland camera system to be user friendly, of exceptional quality and of great advantage in the everyday running of the hospital. We would thoroughly recommend SecureIt Ireland as a company that delivers impeccable and professional service.''